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from Playboy by Fred Fredericks
Country: Mini usa.gif USA / English


A future world, electronic advanse and with a paralell biological development, gave rise to mighty nation. The founding fathers, prudent merchants all, developed a society based on the motto "Time is Money". Each child was born with a Time account and all wages and prices were based on time units. And a Timebank, exact to the millisecond, kept track of each individual's time account.

Suddenly Tom discovers that his Time account only had a balance of 1 hr 14 min 27 sec.




  • an office building, where Tom and Dick worked
  • an office building, where Harry worked
  • a bar, next to Harry's
  • a motel
    • a bar


  • Tom (first-person)
  • Dick, a merchant, friend of Tom
  • a red-haired receptionist, where Harry worked
  • Harry, a time lender, friend of Tom
  • a bartender, in a bar next to Harry's
  • Juliet, a girl with scarlet hair and emarald eyes in a motel bar
  • a big man, in a motel bar
  • a man with a hat, topcoat and briefcase, on the street
  • a lady with a fyr jacket, on the street
  • Lou, a young man with a gitar, on the street
  • a young girl with long blond hair, on the street
  • a man in working clothes, on the street
  • an officer, on the street



"Time is Money" was published in Lee Falk – Storyteller / Lee Falk - Berättaren, published in 2011 by "The Scandinavian Chapter of the Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club".


"Time is Money" was published in Playboy (December 1975).