Lee Falk – Storyteller

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Lee Falk – Storyteller
Cover artist: Photo, Fred Fredericks and Sy Barry
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / English
Format: 17.5 × 25 cm
Pages: 348 pgs, b/w and full colour
Publishing date: September 23, 2011
Editor: Scandinavian Chapter
Publishing company: GML Förlag
Preceded by: n/a
Followed by: n/a
ISBN 978-91-86215-75-0

Lee Falk – Storyteller is a Swedish book, published in 2011 to celebrate Lee Falk's 100th anniversary.


The book was produced by the Phantom fans of The Scandinavian Chapter of the Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club, to celebrate Lee Falk's 100th anniversary as well as the 75th anniversary of the Phantom strip.

The English version was produced and published at the same time as a Swedish version, which was entitled Lee Falk – Berättaren.


From The Storyteller's Chronicles
Title Comment
"To Louise" Previously unpublished poem (1931)
"The Picture Man" Short story from Coronet (1937)
"About: Mandrake" Foreword from Mandrake Roi de la Magie 1er Volume (1965)
"Eris (The Night People)" Sample of play script (1966)
"Home At Six" Sample of play script (1966)
"How it all Began" Prologue from The Story of the Phantom: Ghost Who Walks (1972)
"Mandrake the Magician and The Enchantress" Sample of musical script (1973)
"Time is Money" Short story from Playboy (1975)
"Moxley U" Sample of Mandrake the Magician script (1976)
"Kansas City ComiCon" Speech excerpt (1994)
"Luna" Sample of Phantom script (1997)
Memories of Lee
Valerie Falk
Diane M. Falk-Fitzpatrick
Sture Hegerfors
Thayer Burch
Conley Falk
Jim Shepherd
Pete Klaus
Ed Rhoades
Ulf Granberg
Elizabeth Falk
Interviews with Falk
Year Source / Title Writer
1946 Famous Artists and Writers (USA) unknown
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1962 Eureka Newspapers (USA): Mandrake, Phantom, Author Aids Cranston unknown
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1965 Australian Women’s Weekly (Australia): Now He’s Called a Culture Hero Phillipa Day Benson
1969 The Daily Gleaner (Jamaica): Phantom Could Soon Appear On A Raft unknown
1972 L’Europeo (Italy): Master of Comics Guido Gerosa
1977 Aftenposten (Norway): Triple Wedding and Fellini as Translator Øyvind Thorsen
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1984 Fantomen (Sweden): A Talk with the Creator of Legends Ulf Granberg
1985 Comic Buyer’s Guide (USA): A Visit with Lee Falk Anthony Tollin
1985 Fantomen (Sweden): Team Fantomen presents Lee Falk Ulf Granberg
1986 United Press International (USA): Old Caped Crusaders Reappear unknown
1986 Folket (Sweden): Father visiting his son Monica Swärd
1988 King Comic Heroes (USA) Hal Schuster
1989 Princetown Arts (USA): Conversation with Lee Falk Raymond Elman
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1996 Fantomen (Sweden): About The Phantom – A Talk with Lee Falk Ulf Granberg
1972, 1985, 1996 Comic Book Marketplace (USA): Father of Superheroes Will Murray
Spotlight on Lee Falk
Title Writer
Lee Falk Timeline Andreas Eriksson
At The University of Illinois Peder J Bjørkmann
The Theatre Years Peder J Bjørkmann
Falk and Resnais Andreas Eriksson
The Comics: An Illustrated History of Comic Strip Art|A New Medium for Writers Jerry Robinson
The 1984 Comics Festival in Lucca Sture Hegerfors
Falk and Fellini Andreas Eriksson
Falk in Comics Andreas Eriksson
Falk's Favourites Andreas Eriksson
Spotlight on Mandrake
Title Writer
The Mandrake Artists Andreas Eriksson
The Real Mandrake Andreas Eriksson
The Mandrake Musical Andreas Eriksson
Motives in the Myth Magnus Magnusson
Spotlight on The Phantom
Title Writer
The Phantom Artists Andreas Eriksson
Classic heroic type built on famous myths Olof Lång
Lee Falk was inspired by reality Magnus Eriksson
The Phantom in Norway during the occupation 1940–45 Kjell Steen


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