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from Coronet
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Late afternoon, a cheerful group of friends are out walking. They entred a street that Bert couldn't remember having seen before. It looked like an ordinary street, but lacked any sign of humans or human activity, except for a strange looking picture man. For fun, Richie wanted that the picture man to take pictures of them.

Slowly they realize that this man does not take regular pictures. But portray them as they will look in 10, 20 or 5 years, according to their wishes.



  • Late afternoon


  • a quiet and empty street


  • Bert (first-person)
  • Midge, Bert's girlfriend
  • Richie
  • Grace, Richie's girlfriend
  • Mark
  • The Picture Man



"The Picture Man" was published in Lee Falk – Storyteller / Lee Falk - Berättaren, published in 2011 by "The Scandinavian Chapter of the Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club".


"The Picture Man" was published in Coronet (April 1937), and in the Scholastic magazine about the same time. It was translated into Iclandic and printed in Vikan #11/1941 as: "Götuljósmyndarinn".


  • "The Picture Man" was[1] broadcast over a coast-to-coast network[footnotes 1] of one of the large stations from New York on April 16, 1937.
  • A sketch was given[2] on the Rudy Vallee's variety hour (KSD) on January 20, 1938. Starring[3] Peter Lorre and Lila Lee.
  • "The Picture Man" was adapted as a sketch by W. Spier. It was aired[4] on October 11, 1938 by CMB and CBF (both in Canada) as part of the "Spotlight Parade". The Royalists, Charles Jordan and Allen McIver's orchestra complete the cast.


  1. possible the "Coronet on the Air" on April 16, 1937. Deems Taylor as the host of a weekly program that dramatized various features from the pages of Coronet magazine, with music by Robert Armbruster and his orchestra. 30 min. over NBC Blue in 1937


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