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Romano Felmang
Romano Felmang-01.jpg
Biographical information
Born: Rome, 1941
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Artist and Cover artist
Website: Felmang's Comic Art Fans Gallery

Romano Felmang is an Italian artist.


One morning at the end of 1963 Felmang noticed Mandrake issue 51 at the newsstand. It was the Un mondo scomparso made by the Italian artist Domenico Mirabella. He bought it and found that Fratelli Spada Publications were produced in Rome.

He considered the possibility of pursuing a cartoonist's career. After telephoning the next day after he went to via Enea 77, offices of the Fratelli Spada press, and presented himself as an illustrator of comics with zero experience.

Daniela, a young woman working there gave him two issues of "L'Uomo Mascherato" from the American Adventures Series. One was issue 60 "Le mani sull'isola" (Sy Barry's The Island of the Dogs) - saying:

These are recent stories of the Phantom from the United States; the production is syndicated, but it's not enough to cover our weekly requirement. For this we need illustrators who imitate Sy Barry, the leading artist of the American comic-strips. Make us a couple of trial panels in this style!

During the following days he tried several times to draw The Phantom of Sy Barry, but the results were very poor. He could not confront such a demanding character tout de suite and succeed in imitating an artist, whom he considered the best at that time. So he had to practice and wait for a later opportunity.

In 1966 he made his first 8 pages Phantom story "Kaniska" and next made his debut as a comic book artist drawing a full length Phantom story called "I Ladri della tomba del Gran Re" for the Italian publishers Fratelli Spada. He followed with some more Phantom stories and did some of the pencil work for Angelo Todaro on two Mandrake stories. Felmang made about 30 covers for Fratelli Spada and Editions des Remparts for Mandrake, The Phantom, Rip Kirby and Secret Agent X-9.

He married in 1980 and have two children, the twins Giada and Daniele.

Mandrake work by Romano Felmang

Title Note
"Il nouvo vicino" some of the pencil work
"Suspence a sud-ovest delle Caroline" some of the pencil work
"The Tunnel of Love" never published

Mandrake covers by Romano Felmang

Fratelli Spada covers

Mandrake Albi de Il Vascello - nouvo serie

Editions des Remparts covers

Mondes Mystérieux


  • [1] Romano Felmang: An Italian for Comic Books - Translated from the Italian magazine Fumetto by Bob Griffin
  • Romano Felmang