Regal Comics

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Regal Comics
റീഗൽ കോമിക്‌സ്
in Malayalam

First issue
Country/language: Mini india.gif India / Malayalam
Publishing company: Regal Publishers
Publishing years:
Format: ? cm, b/w (mono color)

Issue overview

Regular series

Regal Comics featured various comics series like "Modest Blaise", "James Bond", "Steel Claw", "Mandrake the Magician", "The Phantom" and on. The covers were made by Kudamaloor Gopalan (KGR). The format changed from small to larger, before the series ended by 2000.

Mandrake issues


2012 Series

The publisher made an effort to relaunch the series in 2012 with a "Phantom" issue. The following Mandrake issue was never released.

2019 series

Mandrake issues

2021 series

Mandrake issues

The Phantom issues

  • "Mandrake the Magician" is also featured on two covers of the "The Phantom" regular series published by "Regal Comics" in 2021, issues including stories with Mandrake appearances in the Phantom strip.

Various views

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