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Real Life References

Appearances of St. Louis Addresses

Year Figure Title Comments
1938 Mandrake the Magician "Blozz the Champion" Fork of Lemay and Ferry Roads[footnotes 1]
1947 The Phantom Romance The Country Club at Ladue Road
1953 Mandrake the Magician "The Mysterious Mr Beam" Sixth and Olive[footnotes 2]

Appearances of New York City Addresses

Year Figure Title Comments
1950 Mandrake the Magician "The Dark One" 235 E 45th St[footnotes 3]: Princess Narda's address on a telegram
1965 Mandrake the Magician "The Sign of 8" Bartlett Street: Princess Narda's address

Appearances of Boston Addresses

Year Figure Title Comments
1946 The Phantom "Mister Hog" A newspaper headline reads: "Diana Palmer, Socialite Explorer and Sportswoman, Winning Brattle[footnotes 4] Steeple Chase..."
1948 The Phantom "The Girls" A newspaper ad reads: Globetrotter Inc, 20 Brattle Street
1948 Mandrake the Magician The Big Tyme 21 Brattle Street, Carla's address (a phony address)
1949 The Phantom "The Thuggees" Westford

Appearances of Connecticut Addresses

Year Figure Title Comments
1948 The Phantom "The Girls" Diana's address is given as "Diana Palmer, 7 Sasqua Road[footnotes 5], E. Norwich, U.S.A."

Appearances of Cape Cod Addresses

Cape Cod

Lee Falk rented Duffy's summer place atop Baldy Hill in the late 50s, and purchased it in October 1961. He remodeled the cottage and had a tennis court built on the property.

In the beginning it was probably meant as a joke that someone started to refer to the summer house as "Xanadu". Then Lee Falk's family members took up the theme and embellished on it. Approaching the house there are (was?) a series of signs quoting from the opening lines of "Kubla Khan", in honor of Coleridge's pleasure dome.

In many stories, there are indications that Mandrake's home, Xanadu, is located in the same place as Lee Falk's cottage.

Year Figure Title Comments
1965 Mandrake the Magician "The Team" Balston Beach
1967 Mandrake the Magician "The Mysterious Bureau" South Pamet
1968 Mandrake the Magician "Battle of Xanadu" Xanadu is located on West Pamet Road
1969 Mandrake the Magician "The Bribe" Pamet Street and Balston Beach
1970 Mandrake the Magician "The 3D Monster" Pamet and Castlehill Roads
1970 Mandrake the Magician "The Clay Camel (plus Women's Lib!)" Pamet Warehouse and Depot Road
1971 Mandrake the Magician "Magic Man" A road sign; South Pamet - Depot Rd
1971 Mandrake the Magician "The Rogues" Collins Rd at Pamet
1972 Mandrake the Magician "The Mission" Pamet Park
1972 Mandrake the Magician "Trail of the Pusher" 12-A Pamet Street and 10 Dopott Road five minutes north at Collins
1972 Mandrake the Magician "Dr Xoz Prof. of Smells" 27 North Pamet
1975 Mandrake the Magician "The Thieves" SS Royal Pamet
1975 Mandrake the Magician "Ghost Town" Moxley University in Pamet Valley
1977 Mandrake the Magician "The Cooler" Collins and Pamet, Pamet and 8th
1984 Mandrake the Magician "Dr Ffark's Cosmic Circus" On the road to Truro
1987 Mandrake the Magician "The Executioner from 8" Bradford and Pamet, hide-out for the 6th arm of 8.
1989 Mandrake the Magician "The Gift from 8" Pamet Street, hide-out of the 7th arm of 8
1997 Mandrake the Magician "Mandrake Marries Narda" Guests in the wedding: Baron and Baroness of Truro, Duke and Duchess of Wellfleet
1998 Mandrake the Magician "Mandrake's Wedding at Xanadu" Guests in the wedding: Baron and Baroness of Truro, Duke and Duchess of Wellfleet


  1. Lemay Ferry Road is a road in St. Louis
  2. N 6th st and Olive st is Downtown St. Louis, not far away from Phil Davis studio at the Louderman Building.
  3. Lee Falk's address when he traveled with the ships "S.S. Exochorda" and "S.S. Evangelium" in 1938 and 1941.
  4. The Cambridge Summer Theatre was located at Brattle Hall
  5. Sasqua Road is in East Norwalk, not far away from Falk's home early 40's at Ocean Drive West, Stamford