Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) 11

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Mandrake #11
Cover artist: Domenico Mirabella (inspired by Enzo Carretti)
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Format: 15 cm × 21 cm
Pages: 36 pgs, color and b/w
Publishing date: April 20, 1963
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Editions des Remparts
Preceded by: Mandrake #10
Followed by: Mandrake #12

Mandrake #11.


Mandrake stories


  • A large part of the Mandrake story is heavily redrawn by an Italian artist.
  • The exact French spelling for "fantoche" is "fantôche" (circumflex accent on "o").

Comparison between covers

  • The cover design takes up a large part of the one used for Il Vascello #35 (by Enzo Carretti), perhaps the reason why it is not signed. However some parts are different (two mens standing in the center background instead of three / missing part on the right side / Mandrake's face : differences in hair and hair sideburns, chin, nose)...

Original art