Magasin ng Bagong Buhay

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Magasin ng Bagong Buhay was a Filipino magazine that published "Mandrake the Magician" Sunday strip.


"Magasin ng Bagong Buhay" was a supplement magazine in the Sunday edition of the "Bagong Buhay" newspaper. The newspaper started in 1922 in Manila and was printed in Tagalog language.

Published stories

Sunday stories

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# Original story title Issue and start date Issue and end date Comment
... .... .... ....
60 "Rex (The Living Fossil)" US strip of December 12, 1953 in issue March 3, 1954
61 "The Mountain that Walked"
62 "The Tomb"
63 "The Ocean Wind"
64 "The Sleeping Forest"
65 "Isle of the Giant"
66 "Universal Love"
67 "Magnetic Island"
68 "The Castaway"
69 "City in the Deep"
70 "Witchmen's Peak" Jan. 27, 1957
71 "The Miss Galaxy Beauty Contest" Feb. 3, 1957 Aug. 25, 1957
... .... ....


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