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France Soir (Translation: "France Evening") was a French daily newspaper which was founded in 1944 for reaching a circulation of 1.5 million during the fifties and early sixties, at the time the best national selling number in its domain.

With a first daily strip on October 12, 1962 and among several French and American comics, "Mandrake the Magician" was published at various periods. No French titles were given to the stories and every daily strip received a specific number. In a second run, "Mandrake the Magician" was published in 2001 (at least) with a new presentation - two dailies each day - and a new strip numbering order.

After having declined rapidly under various owners during the nineties, the newspaper was re-launched as a populist tabloid in 2006, with a smaller size and a more modern look, before to be finally stopped at the end of 2011.

Published stories

Daily stories

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Original story title Starting specific number Ending specific number Comment
"?" 1 first strip: October 12, 1962
...... / ......
"The Team" 977
"The Odd Fellow" 978 1067
"The Sign of 8" 1068 1217
"The Witches" 1218 1312
"The UFO" 1313 1406
"The Trail of 8" 1407 1508
"The Return of Evil" 1509 1628
"The Secret Weapon Caper" 1629 1722
"The Mysterious Bureau" 1723 1818
"Dr Dell and 8" 1819 1920
"The Gold Crisis" 1921 2010
"The Evil Ones" 2011 2100
"Battle of Xanadu" 2101 2189
"The Connoisseur" 2190 2284 First strip missing
"The Bribe" 2285 2392
"The Cobra Strikes (The College of Magic)" 2393 2487
"Karma's Adventure" 2488 2607
"Hojo's Tale" 2608