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Biographical information
Founded: May 18, 1945
Country: Mini brazil.gif Brazil
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EBAL (acronym of Editora Brasil-América Limitada) was an Brazilian comics publisher, founded on May 18, 1945 by Adolfo Aizen, who published many Mandrake and Phantom comics from the 1940's to the 1970's. Previously Adolfo Aizen had already launched Grande Consórcio de Suplementos Nacionais, known for one of the earliest national comics supplement Suplemento Juvenil. He had also published the volumes of the Biblioteca Mirim, a Brazilian counterpart of the U.S. Better Little Books series.

During the 1940's, EBAL knew a great success with "Marvelous Edition" a Brazilian version of the comic-books "Classics Illustrated and Classic Comics", inspired by classics of the literature. Its longest-running series was however "Superman", published from November 1947 until October 1983.

EBAL has only published two "Mandrake the Magician" issues:

Even if it only represents a very small part when compared to the prolific RGE and O Globo editions, it must be emphasized the contribution of his founder for being the first editor to have published the "Mandrake the Magician" material in Brazil (1937). At last, in 1970 for the 25 years of its publishing, EBAL has also released Epopéia - Edição Especial de 25 Anos a special story inspired by the fonder comics characters of the editor.

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