Almanaque do Mandrake 1970

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Almanaque do
O Subôrno
Cover artist: Milton Sardella
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Format: 17 × 26 cm
Pages: 68 pgs, color
Publishing date: (December), 1969
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: RGE
Preceded by: Almanaque do Mandrake 1969
Followed by: Almanaque do Mandrake 1970


Mandrake stories

Text stories

  • "Gengis Khan", by ?


  • "Os Assaltantes", a small board game. The game is to help Mandrake and Lothar to capture some bank robbers. Each player have a piece (not included) and throw a dice. The winner (Mandrake Vitiruoso) is the first who reach square 28.


At Guia dos Quadrinhos this issue is listed as "Almanaque do Mandrake" 1969, although there is no date printed on the cover or inside. Listing this issue as released in 1969 poses some problems:

  • Inside there is an ad for the two coloring books (Álbum para Colorir), "O Fantasma" and "Popeye". Identical ads can be found in both the "Mandrake" and "Fantasma" magazines from December 1969.
  • Inside there is an ad for three stamps from the "Carneval Carioca" series issued December 29, 1969.
  • In the US papers the Mandrake story ended November 15, 1969. The time for translating, editing and coloring is short if this almanaque was to be sold in December 1969.
  • Inside there is no calendar for the year to come, as in other almanaques sold in December/Januar. The calendar for the year 1970 is printed in another almanaque.

These clues indicate that this almanaque was prepared for sale in December-January 1969/70, but was for sale about school vacations in Brazil, summer 1970.

Stamps - Carnaval Carioca