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===Related stories===
===Related stories===
*Narda is retelling the Sunday story [[The Raft People]] from 1948.
*Narda is retelling the Sunday story [[The Raft People]] from 1948.
===Easter Eggs – Cameos===
===Easter Eggs===
*Phandrake, named after [[The Phantom]] and Mandrake.
*Phandrake, named after [[The Phantom]] and Mandrake.
Image:MD-1999-03-13-p.jpg|13 Mar, 1999
== Re-released story in 2016 ==
== Re-released story in 2016 ==

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The Secret Mission
(Re-released in 2016)
Start date: February 15th, 1999
End date: July 3rd, 1999
# of strips: 120 (20 weeks)
Writer: Fred Fredericks
Artist: Fred Fredericks
Preceded by: "The Fisherman"
Followed by: "Siege at Xanadu"

"The Secret Mission" is the 231st Mandrake daily story. The story was written and drawn by Fred Fredericks.

Plot Summary

In New York, two killings with the old signature "8" in bullet holes. The Chief calling Mandrake for help.

When the mystery is solved Mandrake and his friend are going on a cruise, - a secret mission.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Captain Hooker, vice admiral in the navy.
  • The Raft People
  • The old sailor
  • Benbova, drug smuggler and terrorist trainer.
  • Kabal, Benbova's assistant.
  • Gunny, a marine.
  • Corporal Skilling, a marine.


  • New York
  • Panama Canal
  • South Pacific
    • Klipper Island, owned by Benbova.



  • Phandrake, a giant navy yacht.

Behind the scenes


  • At the deepwoods.org index the title for this story is "The Secret Mission", which is lifted from the plot.

Related stories

Easter Eggs

Re-released story in 2016


  • Start date: 25 July 2016 / End date: 10 December 2016


This story has been published in the following publications:

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