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First appearance: "The Sign of 8
Created by: Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks

Xanadu is the home of Mandrake the Magician.

The estate

Xanadu is located at a mountain top about an hour's[1] drive outside New York City. It was a gift from president Andros, given in gratitude for Mandrake's help during the unstable period in his country.

The road to the mansion

For preventing dangerous intruders there are a few obstacles on the road ahead to Xanadu.

  • The main gate: First are a wall and a tall gate with hidden cameras, microphones, loudspeakers and a vacuum mailbox. The walls have electrical obstacles and warning bells will ring up in the control room. After presenting oneself one receive instructions for the secret signal to open the gates. Mostly; honk tree times, wait tree second made one more honk. Of course, the gate is closing automatic when one has driven through it.
  • The chasm: Through signs and loudspeakers one got the message that one has to drive on, mostly; at 20 miles per hour. A deep chasm will closes just in time, if one drive on at the exactly speed.
  • The wall: Through signs and loudspeakers one got the message that one has to drive on, mostly; at 20 miles per hour. A wall is blocking the road and will lower into the road, if one drive on at the exactly speed.
  • The tunnel: Driving into the tunnel will lower a gate behind and one are trapped into the dark tunnel.
  • The final gate: In the end of the dark tunnel there is one final gate, opening automatic.

Outside the mansion

The shining domes of Xanadu is beautiful located.

  • The garden: Xanadu is surrounded with a lovely garden with fountains.
  • The pool: Xanadu has a big pool, which going from the garden and into the house. Mandrake and his friends often spent their spear time relaxing by the pool.

Inside the mansion

The interior of Xanadu has never been fully shown. A few of its rooms are however known.

  • The control room: The control room controlling the obstacles, hidden cameras, microphones and loudspeakers up the road to Xanadu.
  • The observatory: Astronomy is one of Mandrake’s hobbies.
  • The chemistry laboratory: Mandrake has his own laboratory for experiment and analyze. It is mainly used as part of his work as a crime fighter.
  • The rogues' gallery: In Mandrake's rogues gallery there are photos of the most unusual and dangerous criminals Mandrake have faced. Some of the criminals are; The Clay Camel, The Mole, Goliath, The Cobra,
  • Mandrake's study: Behind hidden wall panels in Mandrake’s study, secured by obstacles; violet and invisible beams, is the amazing Crystal Cube.
  • The gym: