Haftalık Albüm

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Haftalık Albüm
First issue
Country/language: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Publishing company: Türkiye Yayınevi
Publishing years: 1952-1954
Issues: 60 (?)
Format: 24x16.5 cm , b/w

Haftalık Albüm was published by Türkiye Yayınevi in Turkey.

Issue overview

Regular series

Haftalık Albüm was a weekly series with each issue of 24 pages headlining one or two comics heroes either in a complete story or in a story broken into two parts and serialized in two consecutive issues. Relative to other comics publications of the era in Turkey, it was a higher quality publication with half of the pages in color and none of the comics being traced reproductions. The cover illustrations were by Turkish artist Tan Oral.

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