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Mandrake has been featured in several publications in Germany (or West Germany, prior to 1990).

Serialized "Mandrake" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Mandra der Zauberer 1967-1968 6

"Mandrake" one-shots

Title Year
Mandra 1980

Anthology appearances

Title Year
Buntes Allerlei 1953-1954
Comics - Weltbekannte zeichenserien 1971-1974
Comic Taschen Buch 1976

As backup title

Title Issue(s)
Phantom-Heft 1952-1955
Prinz Eisenherz 1954-1955
Blitz Gordon 1967-1968

In newspapers

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Title Sundays/dailies Period Comment
Hamburger Morgenpost Dailies  ?- 1962 -?
Hamburger Abendblatt
The Overseas Weekly Sunday Pages  ? - 50's & 60's -? In English for American Forces only