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The Algemeen Dagblad is a Dutch daily newspaper based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The newspaper was founded in 1946.

"Mandrake the Magician" was published in the "Algemeen Dagblad" during the sixties and seventies. Each strip had an individual publishing number instead of the original date box featuring the names of the comic strip creators.

Published stories

Daily stories

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Original story title Dutch title Starting specific number Ending specific number Comment
"?" 2969 maybe "Magic Man"
"The Rogues" 2970 3059
"The Mission" "De missie" 3060 3142
"?" 3143 maybe "The Search for the Cobra"
"?" maybe "Dr Xoz Prof. of Smells"
"?" maybe "The Ratmen of Rodencia"
"?" maybe "The Incredible Thief"
"?" maybe "Tale of Aleena"
"?" maybe "Super-Elec"
"?" 3796 maybe "The Bug Man"
"The Cobra and the Cube" 3797 3940
"?" 3941 maybe "The Search for the Cobra"
"The Thieves" De dieven 4120
"Super Shark" "Super-haai" 4121 4198
"The Frame-Up" 4199 4276
"The Evil Twin" 4277 4384
"Narda and the Sheik" "Narda en de sheik" 4385 4462
"The Mysterious Chief" "De geheimzinnige chef" 4463 4534
"The Pacific Circle" "Pacificcirkel" 4535 4642
"Mirage in Space" 4643 4726
"8" 4727 4842
"?" 4843 maybe "The Cooler"