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Young World Publications Ltd
Biographical information
Country: Mini uk.gif UK

The publisher launched several comic book series in 1964: "Action Series" (12 issues), "Black Mask" (16 issues), "Bumper Super Mag" (1 issue), "Disneyland" (2 issues), "Double-Feature Comic Book" (4 issues), "Giant Super Mag" (4 issues), "Mary Poppins Travelling Fun Book" (1 issue), "Super Mag" (32 issues). The last comic book by the publisher was in 1965.

In 1964 (and 1965) all issues of the comic books and other children books by Young World Publications was a Gold Token Book. Each issue gave Gold Token worth two units. One could collect tokens and send them to the publisher for free gifts:

  • 12 tokens - A detective magnififying glass
  • 20 tokens - Two FROG Chuck Gliders Balsa construction. Stunt and fly like a real plane.
  • 30 tokens - Wonderful book of "Record Breakers" 32 big pages of full colour, showing records ans pictures of land, air and water record breakers.
  • 40 tokens - A luxury folding book-case for all your GOLDEN TOKEN books.

Mandrake publications published by Young World Publications Ltd

Title Year(s) Issues
Action Series 1964 1 (12)