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Woodbury Daily Times was a daily newspaper published from 1897 to 1975 in Woodbury (Gloucester County), New Jersey.

In 1975, the newspaper changed its name to the "Gloucester County Times", always printed in Woodbury until publication ceased in 2012, when the latter merged with its sister papers "Today's Sunbeam" and "The News of Cumberland County" to form the "South Jersey Times".

The "Mandrake the Magician" daily strips were featured in the "Woodbury Daily Times" at least from 1945 to 1959, but precise period remains to be determined.

Mandrake stories in the "Woodbury Daily Time"

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# Original story title Start date End date Comment
34 "The Ice Lady" example: March 09, 1945 daily strip.
... .... ....
82 "Return of the Clay Camel (1955 story)" example: 1st June, 1955 daily strip.
... .... ....
101 "Queen of the Cats" example: April 28, 1959 daily strip.