Umberto Sammarini

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Umberto Sammarini
Umberto Sammarini.jpg
Biographical information
Born: 1944
Died: December 17, 2018
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Artist and Cover artist

Umberto Sammarini (also known as USam and U. Sam.) is an Italian comic book artist.


Umberto Sammarini did work for Fratelli Spada late 60s and early 70s. He drew several covers and stories for Spada's Avventure Americane - L'Uomo Mascherato and Il Vascello - Mandrake series, being, at the time, one of the artists working for the Alberto Giolitti Studios in Rome. He also drew on some stories of the medieval "Lancelot" French comics and on some issues of the Italian "Isabella" and "Storie Blu" as well as covers for the series "Terror", the last three titles being 70's/80's "adult" comics. He also drew some stories for the science-fiction comic "Alika".

Mandrake work by Umberto Sammarini

Fratelli Spada stories

Year Original title Pages note
1968 "Il congresso dei maghi" 24 hidden signature
1969 "La clinica del dottor Mefix" 24 hidden signature

Fratelli Spada covers

Mandrake Albi de Il Vascello - nouvo serie

Editions des Remparts covers

Mandrake - Mondes Mystérieux

Original art by Umberto Sammarini for Mandrake covers

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