Tide of Treachery

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Tide of Treachery"
1st publication: Four Color comics #752/1956
# of pages: 17
Writer: Paul Newman/
Marshall McClintock
Artist: Stan Campbell
Producer: Dell Publishing

"Tide of Treachery"" is a 1956 Dell stories story by Lee Falk (plot); Paul S. Newman; Marshall McClintock and Stan Campbell (ref: http://www.comics.org/issue/12973/).

Plot summary

While on a vacation cruise along the North Atlantic coast of Canada, Mandrake, Lothar, and Narda become involved in a plot to force fishermen out of business in order to buy their property on Bundy Bay, a place of extreme high and low tides.

Character appearances

Recurring Characters

One-time characters

  • Burke
  • Carven
  • Shain

Behind the scenes

  • Bay of Fundy, in between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada.


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