The Terrorists

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The Terrorists
Start date: April 15th, 1991
End date: July 20th, 1991
# of strips: 84 (14 weeks)
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Fred Fredericks
Preceded by: "Return of the Clay Camel...and Others"
Followed by: "Dr. Loqo's Secret Formula"

"The Terrorists" is the 208th Mandrake daily story. The story was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Fred Fredericks.

Plot Summary

Mandrake was invited to entertain and look around at the naval base. Then someone stole Buttercup, the trained seal. Later when Mandrake fell asleep by the pool at Xanadu, he had a strange dream. When he awoke he understood why someone had kidnapped Buttercup; some terrorists planning to use Buttercup to sabotage a battleship on the naval base.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Captain Patrick, at the naval base.
  • Buttercup, trained seal at the naval base.


Behind the scenes


  • The story title is taken from the strip of June 20, 1991 (Tomorrow: The Terrorists).

Mandrake Lore

  • Mandrake presents Lothar as Prince Lothar.


  • Is Mandrake clairvoyance ?

Easter Eggs – Cameos

  • A book: "Phantom" by Lotty Keely, with a picture on a book cover.


This story has been published in the following publications:

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