The Ratmen

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The Ratmen
First appearance: "The Ratmen of Rodencia"
Created by: Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks

The Ratmen is the an alien race from the dying planet Rodencia.


The Ratmen are meat-eaters and devour twice their own weight every day. They eat any kind of animal or fish, including humans. Alone among intelligent species, they also kill for pleasure. Only a few words from their language are known; Yuk = No, Crax = Eat.

The Ratmen are 500 000 years ahead of Earth science, and each handgun held by a Ratman is equal to the biggest H-Bomb on Earth.

The pirate Ratmen were the scourge of the Galaxy until Magnon's star fleet conquered them and turned their dismal planet, Ratana, into a prison. Now and then some vicious Ratmen manage escape and took up their piracy.

Finally the Masters of Cerebron decided to eliminate the pirate problem. Even if they did not consider them as evel. The saw them as meat-eaters in planets with no meat. Their solution was to change the pirates from the evil solar system from carnivores to herbivores.

Notable appearances

The stories where the Ratmen has featured are:

Year Daily/Sunday Title Comments
1973 Daily "The Ratmen of Rodencia"
1975 Sunday "Galaxy War"
1980 Sunday "The Rat Men" living on the planet Rattola
1994 Sunday "The Galactic Birthday Adventure" living on the planet Ratana

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