The Mystery of the Striped Orchid

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The Mystery of the Striped Orchid
Start date: April 7th, 1941
End date: June 21st, 1941
# of strips: 66 (11 weeks)
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Phil Davis
Preceded by: "Dr Griff's Invention"
Followed by: "The Great Grando"

"The Mystery of the Striped Orchid" is the 24th Mandrake daily story. The story was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Phil Davis.

Plot Summary

Clair's uncle is her guardian, as long as she remains unmarried. Now she has become engaged to Bob and her uncle fear to lose the estate and the wonderful orchid collection. But in the collection there is a rare tropical striped orchide, said to give off drug-like perfume that arouses urge to kill.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Clair
  • Uncle, Clair's uncle.
  • Bob, Clair's fiancé.


  • New York

Behind the scenes

  • The title for the story is taken from the strip of April 7, 1941 (Beginning - The Mystery of the Striped Orchid).

Signifiant covers


This story has been published in the following publications:

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Mini brazil.gif Brazil

Mini denmark.gif Denmark

Mini finland.gif Finland

Mini france.gif France

Mini germany.gif West Germany

Mini italy.gif Italy

Mini french polynesia.png French Polynesia

  • "L'orchidea del delitto", Mandrake #6 (Comics Stars in the World 1976) note: Italian text.

Mini nz.png New Zealand

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini portugal.gif Portugal

Mini spainunderfranco.gif Mini spain.gif Spain

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Original signed by Lee Falk (+ detail)

Md-1941-04-07.original-art.jpg Md-1941-04-07.original-art.j.detail.jpg

  • Original with dedication to Jimmy Hatlo (1897-1963), creator of comic strips "They'll Do It Every Time" and "Little Iodine" / text: "“A Nassau Portrait of the Writer At Work".