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I have put up "Almanaque do Mandrake" 1965 and 1966.

Almanaque do Mandrake 1966 have no year on the cover and one often find this issue listed as Almanaque 1954, but it can not be.

The "tag" (Aprovado pelo código de ética) one first find on Mandrake Magazine # 61 from 1962, then on Almanaque do Mandrake 1963. The price on the cover is Cr$ 400 (it was 500 for Alm. 1967 and 150 for Alm. 1964). Strangly I have seen two different covers of Alm. 1966, one with another "tag" with the number 25 - and one without this "tag".

Almanaque do Mandrake 1965 have have no year on the cover but it has the "tag" (Aprovado pelo código de ética) and the price is Cr$ 250. This issue printed the Mandrake story "O Polvo" ("The Octopus Ring") also printed in Almanaque do Mandrake 1954 as "A Quadriha do Polvo".

I am unsure if there was any Almanaque do Mandrake 1954.

The Clay Camel 18:02, 6 August 2013 (UTC)

When I added the years to the titles of the Almanacs when I created this topic, I had no exact information. I guessed the years, when there was no year on the cover, based on the price (Brazil went thru three monetary changes in the sixties - see below) and the existence of the tags. So feel free to change any year you think is incorrect. Eventually when copies of these issues are added to the Guia RGE site I'll do a more thorough research, based on any add we might find inside the magazine, and so get a more definite date of release for these almanacs.

I also think there never was a 1954 Almanac. Never heard of it. The Phantom Almanacs started with the 1955 issue.

In 1964 Brazilian currency lost the cents. Ex. Cr$ 500,00 became Cr$ 500

In 13/02/1967 the "New Cruzeiro" was introduced with 1000th of the value of the old "Cruzeiro" and the cents were reintroduced. Ex. Cr$ 500 became NCr$ 0,50

In 15/05/1970 the "New Cruzeiro" became "Cruzeiro" again with no value change. NCr$ 0,50 became Cr$ 0,50

Lothar 19:48, 8 August 2013 (UTC)