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Lee Falk copyrighted the "Home at Six" (In Words of One Syllable or Less) in 1971 [1].


John, a loving father who methodically returns home nightly at 6 to be greeted by his polite children, loving wife and doting mother, happends to return home this particular day at 4. A terrible mistake!

Instead of the usual greeting, he is confronted by an alian world. His mother is addicted to prescription drugs and unable to recognize him and the housekeeper is a kleptomanieac. His children have problems -the daughter is a budding pyromanic, and his son is drinking a dozen beers each day. His wife confides that John's dear old dad actually was a thief and reveals she having an affair with John's best friend. The house is in total disarray.

Dejected, the father collapses into a chair. Comes 6 o'clock, he is awakened by the family he has always known, all bright and beaming, scrubbed and happy.



  • The time is now in the front room of John's neat home


  • Grams - John's old gray Mums
  • Tim - John's son, age 9
  • Marge - John's girl, age 12
  • Kit - John's wife
  • Maude - The germ of maid
  • John - Slim and gray (or fat and gray)
  • Bob - John's best friend


In 1964 Lee Falk told[2] that he recently had written two short plays to be performed in one evening: "Eris" and "Home at Six". And that "Home at Six" was to be put up by ANTA in the fall.

Lee Falk said[3] he directed "Home at Six" with a good professional company in an Equity Workshop in New York and he later saw the play produced at Hofstra University on Long Island.


Sons and daughters of the members of "The Players" flocked to the Club's East Jefferson Ave Playhouse to attend the Chrismas party (on December 11) to see Dickens "Chrismas Carol" and Falk's "Home at Six" [4].


Cabaret Theatre at St John's Church, March 16-17 [5].


Richmond High School's Drama Club at McCuire Hall, May 14-15. Cast: Tim Branson .... [6].


Richard Bland College on March 29 through week of May 3 [7]


Garrison Players at Newport Opera House May 1. One of six competitin plays in the Sixth Annual One Act Drama Festival of the New Hampshire Community Theatre Association [8].


The Chapel Street Players of Newark presented "Home at Six" at the 39th Delaware State Play Festival at University of Delaware. One of six groups which took part in the Community Theater Division of the festival on March 14 at Mitchell Hall in Newark [9].


The Theatre Company of Westfield State College presented "Home at Six" May 3 & 4, directed by Pattie Gillespie.


The Studio Theatre at Western Oregon State College's Rice Auditorium on November 18-21.

Directed by student David Bliss. Cast: Nancy Godfrey, Chris Scott, Denise Case, Patricia Sowby, Gina Boyd, Denise Kujawa and Steven Ronda [10] [11].Directed by Jane Wingard. Cast:

The Barn Theatre at Missouri Southern State College by Studio 87 on May 1 and 2, 1987.

Directed by Linden Taylor. Cast: Trij Brietzke as Grams, Douglas Hill as Tim, Renee Arbogast as Marge, Sarah Sexton as Kit, Melissa Cytron as Maude, Lyndall Burrow as John and Robert Luther as Bob. Staff: Rick Evans (Program cover design), Janet McCormick (costumes), Nanda Vylonis (stage manager), Dawn Ehrenberg (house manager), Todd Webber, Allan McGowne and DuWana Cargile (lighting).


The members of the Fairleigh Dickinson University's Theatre Clubb presented three one act plays on April 20-21 - among the "Home at Six" [12] [13].


Pasadena Theatre Company's production of "Home at Six" was named Best Production at the Maryland Community Theatre Festival in February.

Directed by Jane Wingard. Cast: Ed Kuhl, Heater Tuckfield, Susan Weber ..... The production was to represent Maryland at the regional One Act Festival at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove first weekend in May. A benefit performance was held at Baldwin Hall in Millersville [14].


2nd Star Productions at Bowie City Hall.

Directed by Jane Wingard. Cast: Charlie Maloney (John), Debe Tighe (Grams), Rosalie Daelemans (Kit), Debbie Krauss (Maud), Zachary Fadler (Tim), Vivian Wingard (Marge) and Wendell Holland (Bob) [15].


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