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august 7, 1983
Country: Mini usa.gif USA / English


In 1982 "L.A. Times Syndicate" syndicated a humorous comics strip based on the famous American comedian W. C. Fields. The writer, Jim Smart, had previously worked in Philadelphian newspapers and Frank Smith was a former Walt Disney cartoonist.

The "W. C. Fields" strip was was made with 6 strips a week and one larger strip for the Sunday newspapers.

by Jim Smart and Frank Smith

The first known daily strip was in the newspapers November 1, 1982. Although it is mentioned that the first Sunday strip was in the newspapers October 31, the earlies known Sunday strip was in the newspapers November 7, 1982.

Something must have happened in May 1983.

The dailies for the weeks of May 30, June 6 and June 20 all have the copyright year 1982 on the strips. In addition the Sundays June 26, July 7, 10, 17 and 24 also have the copyright year 1982 on the strips. The art in these strips are similar to the earliest stripes so they was probably made in 1982 (before November 1, 1982).

by Ronald J. Fields and Fred Fredericks

W. C. Fields' grandson, Ronald J. Fields, became the writer for the dailies (from June 28 1983) with Fred Fredericks as the artist. Strangely it seems that the strip off Monday June 27 never was printed (or made ?). A few weeks later they also did the Sundays (from July 31, 1983).

The last known W. C. Fields strip was in the newspapers Saturday October 29, 1983.

In newspapers

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Title Period From Comment
Evansville Courier and Press January 3, 1983 to October 29, 1983 Evansville, Indiana dailies (missing strip of June 27, 1983)
The Japan Times March 6, 1983 to October 23, 1983 Tokyo, Japan Sundays (in English)
The News Herald October 31, 1982 to August 7, 1983 Willoughby, Ohio Sundays
The Olympian November 7, 1982 to October 23, 1983 Olympia, Washington Sundays (missing strip of August 14, 1983)
The Olympian November 1, 1982 to October 29, 1983 Olympia, Washington dailies (missing strips of November 18, 1982; December 24, 25, 31, 1992; January 1, 1983 and June 27, 1983)
Pacific Stars and Strips January 3, 1983 to August 16, 1983 Tokyo, Japan dailies (in English)
The Sacramento Bee February 13, 1983 Sacramento, California Sundays (one strip only ?)
Quesnel Cariboo Observer December, 1983 to January, 1984 Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada dailies (some strips from 1982)


Comparing the Sundays in The Japan Times and The Olympian the seven first strips in The Japan Times does not match the dates in The Olympian. In The Japan Times the strips started with the strip of December 12, 1982. Then follows strips from 1983: December 26, 1982; January 23, February 13, April 17 (!), April 10 and January 1.

Comparing the dailies in Evansville Courier and Press and The Olympian the first six strips in Evansville Courier and Press does not match the dates in The Olympian. In the Evansville Courier and Press the strips started with the strip of November 6, 1982. Then follows five more strips from 1982: November 10, 8, 20, 5 and 2.

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