Ramón Valdiosera

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Ramón Valdiosera
Biographical information
Born: April 28, 1918
Nationality: Mini mexico.gif Mexican
Occupation: Writer, Artist
Website: N/A

Ramón Valdiosera was born in Ozuluama, Veracruz, and drew his first comic for "Paquín" in 1935, and in 1936 he set up his own syndicate "Artistas Unidos". He made several characters for "Pepín" and "Chamaco Chico". After WWII he start working as a fashion stylist for theatre and cinema.

Mandrake was known as "El mago maravilla" in the Mexican comic book "Paquito" and Ramón Valdiosera adapted a "El mago maravilla" story for "Pepín" in 1938. In this story El mago más grande del mundo confronts his female enemy, the beautiful criminal Tigresa.

El mago maravilla

# Original title Pages Writer Artist Year
1 "??" ?? Ramón Valdiosera Ramón Valdioseral 1938