Philip Wilding

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Philip Wilding
File:Philip Wilding.jpg
Biographical information
Born: October 23, 1897
Died: 1970
Nationality: Mini uk.gif English
Occupation: Cover Artist
Website: n/a

Philip Wilding was an British artist and writer.


It seems that Philip Wilding started his career as an painter, as his paintings are mentioned in a catalogue issued by the "Brook Street Art Gallery" to accompany an exhibition held in London in April, 1939.

During the Fifties, he wrote various books, mostly westerns and science fiction novels as well as thrillers. He illustrated covers for various books (including at least two for Pan Books' in early 1952, namely “Don't Get Me Wrong” by Peter Cheyney and “Murder in Mesopotamia” by Agatha Christie), including some covers for his own titles when they were reprinted in paperback by Banner Books - an imprint of the L. Miller & Son editions - in 1959/60.

For "L. Miller & Son" he also illustrated several Mandrake the Magician (Miller) issues.

Mandrake covers by Philip Wilding

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