Niso Ramponi

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Niso Ramponi
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Biographical information
Born: January 6,1924 in Rome, Italy
Died: March 14, 2002 in Bozzolo, Mantua Region, Italy
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Cover artist

Niso Ramponi is an Italian comics artist.


Niso Ramponi attended the Liceo Artistico di Via Ripetta, where he was a pupil of Walter Lazzaro. At the age og 16 he left his studies and began working with animation for Settimana Incom, a weekly current affairs documentary screened in cinemas. When he was 18 he animated his first short film, La trombetta d’oro.

In 1944 he bagan drawing illustrations and early comics for the magazines L’Ometto Pic, Giramondo and L'Avventura. For Capriotti he did covers for the Albi delle grandi avventure, Albo Avventure and Albo Avventuroso series. He signed the covers with K..

It is interesting that when Capriotti started the Nouva collona albo universale dedicated to Lee Falk's the Phantom the pictures was taken from various newspaper strips by Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy supplemented with drawings by Nisus Ramponi.

He started to sign his work with Kremos from 1948 and worked on as a graphic designer, animator and illustrator. Niso Ramponi is also known for his cartoon pinups.

Mandrake covers by Niso Ramponi


Niso Ramponi alias Kremos