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N. V. Gapura was an Indonesian publisher.

Issue overview

Early 1950s N. V. Gapura publihed a comic series dedicated to American classical comics such as: "Brick Bradford" (#53), "The Phantom" (#55), "Mandrake the Magician" (#37 (?), #54), "Buz Sawyer" (#59, #60), "Tim Tyler's Luck" (#61), "Rip Kirby" (#69) and on. The issues measures about 15x24 cm and are in b/w. The stories is in English text and with Indonesian text under each panel. The concept seems to take over the similar series by Pertjetakan Perfectas.

Issues with Mandrake

It looks like the Mandrake stories was a reprint (lifted) from the Indonesian newspaper Indonesia Raya.

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