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Biographical information
Founded: 1960s
Country: Mini yugoslavia.png Yugoslavia / Serbian

Marketprint was formed early 60's as Entertainment department of FORUM, Novi Sad (capitol of Vojvodina).

In the beginning, Marketprint was publisher for reissues of British and French comics. In the '80s, Marketprint (with DENO Agency) became a founder of Yugoslav golden comics age. Suport of domestic writers and artists was common behavior. Parallely, Marketprint published enormous number of comics publications, books, serials and magazines. The upcoming war years in '90s destroyed the aim of Marketprint to became one of the biggest comics publishers on Balkan.

In these days, only magazine Stripoteka survived turbulencies on transition market and rich the 1050 numbers in almost continuity. Production of other publications (books and HC albums) is minimal and far away of always nice to remember Golden age of comics in Yugoslavia.

Mandrake publications published by Marketprint

Title Year (s) Issue(s)
Stripoteka 1969 - present 11 issues (1050++ in total)