Mandrake the Magician - The Hidden Kingdom of Murderers: Sundays 1935–1937

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Mandrake the Magician
The Hidden Kingdom of Murderers
Sundays 1935-1937
Cover artist: Phil Davis (from story art)
Country/language: Mini uk.gif UK / English
Format: 23.7 × 31.2 cm
Pages: 160 pgs, color
Publishing date: March 2016
Publishing company: Titan Comics
Preceded by: none
Followed by: none
ISBN 978-0857685728


Mandrake stories


  • "Mandrake the Magician: The magical wonder of a generation" by Magnus Magnusson
  • "Lee Falk biography"
  • "Phil Davis biography"

Behind the scenes

The source for the Sunday page of May 12, 1935 is taken from Golden Funnies issue 15 from 1973. The last text on the page are reconstructed: