Mandrake il mago (Mondadori Comics) Volume 2

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Super Giallo #23
Mandrake il mago
(Mandrake 2)
Mandrake il mago (Mondadori Comics) 2.jpg
Cover artist: from original art
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Format: 14.8 × 21.7 cm, hardcover
Pages: 620 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: March 2015
Editor: Luigi Belmonte
Publishing company: Mondadori Comics
Preceded by: Mandrake il mago (#1)
Followed by: none

Super Giallo #23 - Mandrake il mago (Mandrake 2) is a thick 620-pages Italian hard-cover book released in 2015 by the Milanese editions Arnoldo Mondadori. It contains 12 Mandrake the Magician daily stories (two of them:"Mandrake in Hollywood" and "Sonny the Child Movie Star" being grouped under a single title) spanning from April 1937 to January 1940, with one and half strips reprinted on every page.


Mandrake stories


  • "La realtà non é quella che sembra" by Max Bunker.

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