Mandrake Albüm 81 (Tay)

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Mandrake Albüm #81
Tay mandrake album-081.jpg
Cover artist: Aslan Şükür
Country/language: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Format: 14 cm × 19,5 cm
Pages: 156 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: 1979
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Tay Yayınları
Preceded by: Mandrake Albüm #80
Followed by: Mandrake Albüm #82

Mandrake Albüm #81 is the last album with rebound issues from the regular Mandrake series.

When the weekly run of the Mandrake magazine ceased, the Mandrake Albüm series continued with reprints and occasional brand new adventures by Fred Fredericks and Phil Davis. The Mandrake Albüm series also printed a few Italian stories by Fratelli Spada artists.


Mandrake stories


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