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This MandrakeWiki information/guidance page is currently work in progress. Its use and/or design is yet to be resolved, and the page will remain unprotected for everyone to edit until resolutions have been reached.
Please feel free to join the discussion!

Welcome to MandrakeWiki's Template Guide!.

In order to standardize the MandrakeWiki, as well as facilitate the navigation and maintenance of the site, several templates have been created. The Template Guide serves to introduce these templates, and their use.

General information

Every MandrakeWiki template is listed in Category:Templates, and sorted by type. To include a template in an article, place the name of the template between {{ and }}; e.g. {{Upcoming}}.

Several templates, infobox templates in particular, are designed to include additional information. In these cases, this information is separated from the template name by |; e.g. {{Rename|Newname}}.

Infobox templates

This article, or section of an article, is very short. You can help MandrakeWiki by expanding it.  

Maintenance templates

Currently, two types of maintenance templates exists; those meant to be used temporarily and point out problems or deficiencies in articles, and those to be used permanently, giving specific information about the article.

For permanent use

Name and link Code Place Use Example(s)
Template:AllApp {{AllApp}} At the top of lists of appearances. When you are certain that every appearance of a character, location etc. is included in the article, you might consider including the AllApp template. The template can also be included in sub-headers ("Team Fantomen stories", etc.). If you are uncertain that the appearance list is complete, the AllApp template should not be included; instead you can bring it up for discussion on the article's talk page. Luciphor aka The Cobra
Template:Disambig {{Disambig}} At the bottom of the article. Several names might be referring to different articles. If this is the case, creating a disambiguation page might be considered.
Every article with the Disambig template are automatically added to Category:Disambiguation.
*Derek (story)
Template:Upcoming {{Upcoming}} At the top of the article. Although strictly speaking not meant as a permanent template, the Upcoming template doesn't request any work in the specific article, but is only meant to point out that a publication is yet to be released. When it has been released, the content of the article should be reviewed and checked with the publication, after which the template is to be removed.
Every article with the Upcoming template are automatically added to Category:Upcoming issues.
Ancient Aliens

For temporary use

For maintenance reasons, most of these templates result in automatic including of the articles into a sub-category of Articles in need.

Name and link Code Place Use Category
Template:Cite {{Cite}} Immediately after disputed, unquoted, statements. If an article includes information which is suspected false, speculative or by other means questionable, the Cite template ought to be added, and the matter preferably put up for discussion on the article's talk page. When/if a proper source is found, this is to replace the Cite template. If no source is found, the statement should be replaced or rewritten following the result of the talk page discussion. Articles in need of citation
Template:Covermissing {{Covermissing}} In the Issuebox template. Every issue/publication article ought to include a scan of its cover. When such a scan isn't available, the Covermissing template should be added instead. When a cover scan as been uploaded, this should replace the template. Missing covers
Template:Delete {{Delete}} At the top of the page. If you think that an article doesn't have any validity, the Delete Template can be added, and followed by a discussion on the talk page. When the discussion is finnished, the template is to be removed, regardless of the result of the discussion. Deletion nominations
Template:IncompList {{IncompList}} At the top of an incomplete list. Articles with lists (no matter the kind of list) that aren't complete (or that are believed not to be complete) are to have the IncompList template added. When the list is regarded to have been completed, the template is to be removed, preferably following a talk page discussion on the matter. Also note that incomplete lists should not be numbered. Articles with incomplete lists
Template:MissingPic {{MissingPic}} At the top of the page. The vast majority of the MandrakeWiki articles should include at least one valid picture. Articles lacking illustrations could have the MissingPic templated added, until such a picture have been added. Articles missing pictures
Template:Overhaul {{Overhaul}} At the top of the page. While a user is doing extensive work on an article, s/he might wanna consider adding the Overhaul template to it, in order to prevent edit conflicts. When the Overhaul template appears in an article, other users are requested not to edit the article - comments should be made either on the article talk page, or the talk page of the user editing the article.
The Overhaul template are to be removed immediately when the work of an article is done.
Template:RedLink {{RedLink}} At the top of the page. Articles with a severe amount - five or more - red links (i.e. links to non existing articles) can have the RedLink template added to them, in order to encourage the creation of these articles. Articles with several redlinks
Template:Rename {{Rename|Newname}}
("Newname" being the suggested new name)
At the top of the page. If you think that the name of an article is insufficient, it can be nominates for renaming by having the the Rename template added to it. Following the adding, a talk page discussion ought to be started, until an agreement on the matter have been reached. Rename nominations
Template:Stub {{Stub}} At the bottom of the page, or of a page section. Articles and article sections that have only been started, but still are in need of additional information should have the Stub templated added. Stubs
Template:Suggestion {{Suggestion}} At the top of the page. New MandrakeWiki guidance and information pages should have the Suggestion template added to them, in order for every user to comment on the page prior to its establishment. When all users are to be considered having been given a chance to comment (at least a week following the creation of the page), and basic issues have been solved, the template are to be removed and the page protected from edits made by others than the MandrakeWiki administrators.

No page should be protected until the Suggestion template have been removed.

MandrakeWiki suggestions
Template:Translate {{Translate}} At the top of the page. English is the preferred language of MandrakeWiki, and articles, partly or completely, written in any other language generally ought to have the Translate template added until they have been translated. Articles in need of translation

Navigation templates

The navigation templates have been created in order to connect related articles with each other. The general rule is that they are to be included at the bottom of each article that they link to.

Name and link Code Description
Template:Australia {{Australia}} Listing of every publication featuring The Mandrake, to have been released in each country.
Template:Finland {{Finland}}
Template:Germany {{Germany}}
Template:Sweden {{Sweden}}
Template:USA {{USA}}

Source templates

The source templates serve to give credit to other Wiki projects when information from such is included in a MandrakeWiki article.

Name and link Code Refers to
Template:Phantomwiki {{PhantomWiki}} PhantomWiki
Template:Seriewikin {{Seriewikin}} Seriewikin
Template:Wikipedia {{Wikipedia}} Wikipedia, English

When using these templates the date when the source was checked should be included, as well as the original article name, using the following model:

Code Result
{{phantomwiki|April 29, 2008|Fantomet}}

Phantomwiki.gif This article, in the version of April 29, 2008, includes information from PhantomWiki: Fantomet.

{{seriewikin|April 29, 2008|Egmont}}

Seriewikin.gif This article, in the version of April 29, 2008, includes information from Seriewikin: Egmont.

{{Wikipedia|April 29, 2008|Lee Falk}}

Wikipedia-logo.png This article, in the version of April 29, 2008, includes information from Wikipedia: Lee Falk.

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