Las Grandes Aventuras: Merlin el Mago Moderno 21

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El fin del Domo
con Merlín el Mago Moderne
LGA Merlin el Mago Moderno-21.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini spain.gif Spain / Spanish
Format: 21 x 32 cm
Pages: 14 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: 1946
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Hispano Americana
Preceded by: Merlin #20
Followed by: Merlin #22

El fin del Domo con Merlín el Mago Moderne is presumably the twenty first Mandrake issue in the "Las Grandes Aventuras" series with price tag 1.5 ptas.


Mandrake stories

Back cover

Starting in 1944 the back covers of issues from the "Las Grandes Aventuras" and the "Los Albumes Preferidos por la Juventud" printed various collector cards. This issue has a picture of Vicente Pizá Usó, from C. D. Castellón (squad 1945-46). This is the last issue in this series having pictures of famous footballers and athletes.

In 1983 Joaquín Esteve edited in collaboration with "Club Amigos de la Historieta" a facsimile reprint of this issue. The back cover is with only one printing plate for prussian blue.


The "Las Grandes Aventuras" (or other series by Hispano Americana) have no numbering or date printed on the cover or inside, thus making it difficult to make an index in chronological order. Fortunately, most of the back covers from the series "Las Grandes Aventuras" and "Los Albumes Preferidos por la Juventud" series (Colleción "Audaz" & Aventuras y Misterio) have a back-list and an ad for the next issue. Sometime also the current or next issue for the other series.

Comparing the back covers of the first print issues prior this Mandrake issue it is possible to make a list which shows that this Mandrake issue was #144 in the "Las Grandes Aventuras" series, most likely published in February/May 1946.