Iljustrovano chetivo 17

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Илюстровано четиво #17
Iljustrovano chetivo #17
Cover artist: story art
Country/language: Mini bulgaria.gif Bulgaria / Bulgarian
Pages: 8 pgs, b/w and color
Publishing date: July 5, 1941
Editor: unknown
Publishing company:
Preceded by: issue 16
Followed by: issue 18

The language in this magazine is written with an older orthography from before the language reform in 1945. Some words are spelled slightly different, and some letters are written a little differently than today's letters. Like the name Mandrake written in uppercase: МАНДРАКЪ, and handwritten cursive sentence case: Манgракъ. In modern Bulgarian the name Mandrake is written like this: МАНДРАК and Ман∂рак, without the Ъ at the end and with the cursive letter g changed to , the Bulgarian version of the handwritten cursive д.


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