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Feature Productions
Biographical information
Founded: 1944 (?)
Country: Mini nz.png New Zealand

A Wellington based publishers who started reprinting "Mandrake the Magician" for the New Zealand market in the mid 1940's. FP was run by brothers Hugh and Jack Warnes.


Feature Productions started reprinting US newspaper strips in comic book format with "The Adventures of Brick Bradford" by William Ritt and Clarence Gray in 1944. The series became very popular and run for 108 issues (+ a Special Xmas number) untill 1954.

In 1947 the publisher released the "Boy's Paper" with several different figures such as: "Superman", "Prince Valiant", "King of the Royal Mounted", "Mandrake the Magician", "The Phantom" and others. The publisher added new comic book series starting with "Blondie" (1948, 17 issues) and "Jiggs" (1948, 17 issues).

Then followed "Danny Hale and the Indians" (1949, 51 issues), "Dick's Adventure Comic" (1949, 10 issues), "The Phantom" (1949, 556 issues), "Tim Tyler's Luck" (1949, 1 issue), "Flash Gordon" (1950, 8 issues), "Henry" (1950, 6 issues), "Johnny Hazard" (1950, 23 issues), "Katzenjammer Kids Comic" (1950, 18 issues), "King of the Royal Mounted" (1950, 26 issues), "Mandrake the Magician" (1950, 222 issues), "Popeye" (1950, 8 issues), "Rip Kirby" (1950, 25 issues) and "Secret Agent X-9" (1950, 32 issues).

Most of the titles only run for few issues and the publisher released some new titles: "Big Ben Bolt" (1952, 25 issues), "Buck Ryan" (1952, 8 issues), "Cisco Kid" (1952, 13 issues), "Garth" (1952, 10 issues), "Jungle Jim" (1952, 10 issues) and "Tim Tyler's Adventures" (1954, 5 issues).

Mandrake publications published by Feature Productions

Title Year(s) Issues
The Boys' Paper / The Boys' Comic Paper 1947-1949 52
Mandrake the Magician 1950-1961 (?) 222