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'Excélsior' - sub-titled "El periódico de la vida nacional" (="The Newspaper of the National Life") - is the second oldest newspaper in Mexico City, District of Mexico. It was founded on March 18, 1917.

The Mandrake" Sunday strip were featured in the Sunday comics supplement of "Excélsior" from November 10, 1935 to 1997 at least (maybe with interrupted periods ?. The strip was named "El mago maravilla" (="The Wonder Magician").

Amongst other comics published in the "Excélsior" Sunday edition were also featured such classical comics as found (according to the publishing periods) : "Roldan el temerario" ("Flash Gordon"), "Juan el intrépido" ("Johnny Hazard"), "Educando o Papá" ("Bringing Up Father"), "Pompinio" ("Hubert"), "El Prince Valente" ("Prince Valiant"), "Kerry Drake", "Superman", "Rex Morgan M.D.", "Tom & Jerry", "Archi" (Archie"), "Mutt & Jeff", "Stve Roper", "Daniel el traversio" ("Dennis The Menace"), "El asomeroso Hombre Araña" ("The Amazing Spiderman"), "Tapon" ("Barney Google and Snuffy Smith"), "Malfada"...