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Evaldo de Oliveira
Evaldo Oliveira.jpg
Biographical information
Born: 1939, Areia Branca (RN)
Died: August 16th, 2007, Natal (RN)
Nationality: Mini brazil.gif Brazilian
Occupation: Cover artist
Website: N/A

José Evaldo de Oliveira (sometimes just named Evaldo) was a Brazilian artist.

He discovered his passion for graphic arts at a young age, having been awarded second place in a group exhibition in Natal, when he was only 15 years old, with an oil painting. In 1960, thinking to devote himself exclusively to the graphic arts, he moved to Rio de Janeiro and went to work for Rio Graphica Editora (RGE).

At RGE, he assumed a character with which he would be connected for more than twenty years: Beetle Bailey, in drawing and writing scripts for the series when new material from King Features wasn’t enough to supply the various magazines being published at the time.

Always for RGE, he also worked with other characters like The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Black Rider, Prince Valiant and others.

In 1987 he returned to Natal and began to work for publicity agencies. With the advent of computers, he lost space in the agencies. Evaldo then returned to the newsroom to work for the afternoon newspaper “Jornal de Hoje” as a cartoonist.

He died in 2007 of a heart attack on a hospital bed, while preparing to undergo a surgery.

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