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El Sol de Puebla is a Mexican newspaper founded on May 5, 1944 in the city of Puebla (Puebla de Zaragoza (formally Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza), State of Puebla, Mexico.

"Mandrake the Magician" daily strip was published in the comics page of the newspaper, at least during the sixties, with other comics characters like "El Fantasma" ("The Phantom"), "Educando a papa" ("Bringing Up Father"), "Superman", "Pepita" (Blondie), "Benitin y Eneas" ("Mutt and Jeff"), "Chicharrin" - a Mexican comic strip.

Published stories

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# Original story title Comment
? ...... / ......
121 "The Giant Toothache" (probably published in 1963-1964)
122 "Master of Magic" (probably published in 1963-1964)
? ...... / ......