Editora Globo

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Editora Globo
Editora Globo logo.png
Biographical information
Founded: 1883
Country: Mini brazil.gif Brazil
Website: [[1]]

Editora Globo is a Brazilian publisher of magazines and comics.


One of the oldest publishers in the country, the company, founded in 1883 in Porto Alegre, specialized in the publishing of translations of major authors, dictionaries and encyclopedias for most part of the twentieth century. In August 27, 1986 it was acquired by Organizações Globo, who owned its own publishing house, Rio Gráfica e Editora, since 1952. The two companies merged and Editora Globo started publishing Mandrake in 1987. Eventually, the company moved away from comics, and today specializes in magazines of a variety of interests: architecture, cars, finance, technology, women, etc...

Mandrake publications published by Editora Globo

Serialized "Mandrake" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Mandrake Especial 1987-1989 26
Mandrake Extra 1987-1988 6
Os Grandes Inimigos do Mandrake 1989 4
Mandrake Coleção 1989-1992 36

"Mandrake" one-shots

Title Year
Os Grandes Inimigos do Mandrake (Minissérie Encadernada) 1989

As backup title

Title Issue(s)
Gibi (Globo) 4 (12 in total)