Cyni 2

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Cyni 2
Cyni 2-01.jpg
First appearance: Employment Agency
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Cyni 2 is the most advanced planet in the galaxy, about eight light years from Earth.


Cyni 2 are somewhat like the Earth, only twice as big and 50 000 years ahead the Earth scientifically. Some years ago they had a catastrophe, a strange virus stuck the planet. The virus did destroy almost the entire population, only one million left out of billions.

They decided that they had to find new population at once on other planets, people like themselves, and bring them to Cyni 2. Else their civilazition would crumble, and their race would die out.

Their scientists searched the universe for people on other planets. They found about thousand planets with people like themselves, and they started gathering people from all aver the galaxy, including Earth. To bring the people to Cyni 2 they used an atomic portation platform. The couples entered a room where they were reduced (painlessly and harmlessly) to atoms and then fired as atoms through the space at the speed of light. At the receiving station they were reassambled (unhurt and unaware of what happened).

After beeing reassambled at Cyni 2 the people passes through a vast machine that tested and registered them. At Cyni 2 the new people were educated to their advanced science quickly. Then they were taken to their new self-cleaning house, with a self-cooking kitchen. And they were given huge country etate for their week ends, robot servants, and every luxury.