Buntes Allerlei 6/1953

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Buntes Allerlei 10/1953
Buntes allerlei19536.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini germany.gif West Germany / German
Format: 18 × 25,5 cm
Pages: 32 pgs, color & red
Publishing date: February 10, 1953
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Aller Verlag
Preceded by: Buntes Allerlei 5/1953
Followed by: Buntes Allerlei 7/1953


Mandrake stories

== Note: this part = April 22, 1951 Sunday page (red sepia color).

Other comics

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  • "Die Katzenjammer Kids" ("Katzenjammer Kids") by Charles H. Winner (one page / sepia)
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  • "Schiffkar" ("Popeye") by E. C. Segar (on back cover / color)