Bob Fujitani

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Bob Fujitani
Bob Fujitani-01.jpg
Biographical information
Born: October 15,1921
Died: September 6, 2020
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist
Website: N/A

Bob Fujitani is an American cartoonist.


Bob Fujitani studied at the American School of Design in New York City. He has done comics art for a variety of publishing houses from the early 1940s: Avon, Dell, "Gold Key", "Harvey" and others.

As a ghost artist, Fujitani has drawn "Judge Wright" (in 1945 and 1946), "Rip Kirby" (mid-90's), "Flash Gordon" (in 1963 he began a long association with Dan Barry on the "Flash Gordon", as art assistant from 1963 to 1965, before becoming the ghost artist of the strip from 1969 until 1986, getting signed credit in 1977), "Prince Valiant" and dozens of other strips, as well as "Dr. Solar", "Turok" for Gold Key, "Astonishing Comics" and "Two-Gun Ki" for "Marvel Comics", plus "Black Condor" and "Dollman" for "Quality Comics".

Mandrake the Magician

Bob Fujitani ghosted one week (February 28th to March 5th 1966) of The Witches when Fred Fredericks was ill.