Ascanio Adalberto Martinez

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Ascanio Adalberto Martinez
Biographical information
Born: October 4, 1938
Nationality: Mini argentina.gif Argentina / Spanish
Occupation: Cover Artist
Website: ascanio97

Ascanio Adalberto Martinez is an Argentine comics artist and illustrator.


Self-taught and un-paid Ascanio starts his work in 1959 with "Sueño de muerte" (Dream of Death) which appeared in "Corso Pete". In 1962 he made made ​​cartoons like "El billete de Lotería" from a screenplay by Peter Mazzino in "Bala de Plata" and "X-9". He also drew various artwork, covers and even photo novels.

Early 60 he started working for Editorial Lainez (EDMAL) with: El Canadiense, Cruz Peralta, el nutriero (El Gorrión), Phillip Clark, detective de Chicago and others. His stories was published in various comic books as: El Gorrión, Puño Fuerte, Impacto, Fuego, Mandrake and El Fantasma in which he also drew several covers.

Mandrake covers by Ascanio

Mandrake el Mago

Mandrake el Mago - Annuals

Libro de Oro - Mandrake el Mago

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