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"Altaposten" is 3 days a week local newspaper based in Alta. It was founded in 1969.

Mandrake in Altaposten

From January 4, 1972, "Altaposten" started to run two comic strips: "Gjengen (The Perishers) by Dennis Collins and Maurice Dodd; and "Rolf Kirkeby (Rip Kirby)" by John Prentice. In 1988 "Altaposten" the last "Rip Kirby" strip was printed on May 14 (US strip of July 19, 1986. 48/90). Due to easter the next issue of "Altaposten" was printed on May 19, but now, still under the heading "Rolf Kirkeby" - the "Mandrake" strip of May 28, 1986. The heading was corrected to Mandrake on June 28, and the Mandrake story ended on September 19.

Neither "Rip Kirby" or "Mandrake" returned to "Altaposten".

Published stories

Daily stories

# Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Case of the Headless Man" May 19, 1888 September 19, 1988 strips from July 28, 1986