Story 11

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Story #11
Cover artist: story art
Country/language: Mini belgium.gif Belgium / French, Dutch
Format: 30 × 22 cm
Pages: 8 pgs, b/w & color
Publishing date: August 30, 1945
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Editions du Pont-Levis
Preceded by: Story #10
Followed by: Story #12


Mandrake stories


  • The last part of the Mandrake sunday page is featured on the back cover.

Other comics

  • "Les aventures de Blondie (Blondie)" by Chic Young
  • "Roland Cassecou et son chien Tom (Radio Patrol)" by Eddie Sullivan & Charlie Schmidt (Dutch: "Roland Waaghals")
  • "Le Fantôme noir (Inspector Wade)" by Edgar Wallace & Lyman Anderson
  • "Pivoine et Pétunia", A bon entendeur Salut ! by ? (Dutch: "Pioen en Kollebloem")
  • "Mathurin dit Popeye (Popeye)", Popeye est bien triste by Elzie Crisler Segar
  • "Incroyable mais vrai (Incredible but True)"
  • "L'homme masqué (The Lone Ranger)" by Bob Green (Dutch: "De Man met het Masker")

Language versions

This issue was printed in the following language versions: