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The Late, Late War was a humorous comics strip made by Fred Fredericks. This was one of several historical strips done by Fredericks before being tapped for duty on Mandrake.

Fred Fredericks said that in the strip, the Boys in Blue and the Boys in Gray stop fighting only long enough after another - which is just about all the time.

The strip was syndicated by Adcox Lenahan Inc.

In newspapers

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Title Period From Comment
The Boston Globe June 6, 1960 to August 13, 1960 Boston, Massachusetts missing July 25 and August 6
The Daily Journal 1960 Elizabeth, New Jersey

In 1960 the publisher Zeke Zekley prepared a colored version of the strip, to be printed in "At Ease" The Fun Supplement for America's Men and Women of the Armed Forces. Comparing the two strips inside they are the same as strips #2 and #13 printed in "The Boston Globe". It is uncertain whether more than the first issue of the magazine was published.