Provincetown Arts Volume 5 - 1989

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Provincetown Arts
Volume 5 - 1989
200 px
Cover artist: Joel Meyerowitz
photo of Annie Dillard
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Pages: 188 pgs
Publishing date: July, 1989
Publishing company:
Preceded by: 1988
Followed by: 1990

Provincetown Arts Volume 5 - 1989


Cover story

  • "Gasp, Fissures, Lifts and Cracks: An Appreciation of Annie Dillard" by Susan Mitchell

Not Please, But Thank You

  • "Provincetown - 1959" photographs by Fred McDarrah
  • "Lewis Bergman: Tribute to an Editor" by William Honan, Martha Lear, B H Friedman, Harvey Shapiro, Ted Morgan, Stanley Kunitz
  • "Ralphael Soyer, My Old Friend" by Chaim Gross
  • "Ralphael Soyer, Meetings in Provincetown" by Michael Mazur
  • "The Death and Life of a Famous Painter" fiction by Peter Hutchinson
  • "Lost and Found: the Legacy of Karl Knaths" by Charles Giuliano
  • "The Passion of Edmond DiStasi" by Suzanne Sherbell

Visual Thinking

  • "Tidbits from Douglas Huebler" Provincetown Arts Portifolio
  • "Sidney Simon, "Freewheeling"" by April Kingsley
  • "Ann Poor - Hares & Rabbits" by Ann Wilson Lloyd
  • "Crossover Dreams" by Jill Bloom
  • "Polaroids of the Renaissance" photographs by Evergon, Provincetown Arts Interview
  • "The Galleries" summer exibitions

From Saigon to Xanadu

  • "A Year for Asian Films" by Joan Lebold Cohen
  • "Movie Company" by Anne Bernays
  • "Two Poems" by M D Stein
  • "Come On Kids, Let's Put On a Show" by Justin Kaplan
  • "Conversation With Lee Falk" by Raymond Elman

Going to Extreme

  • "Poets in Provincetown - Six Poems" selection by Alison Deming, W S Do Piero, J C Ellefson, Robert Lunday, Olga Broumas, Belle Waring, Jason Shinder

From the Colonies

  • "Postmedernisme in Provincetown" by Christopher Busa
  • "Easter Long Island's Native Artists" by Helen Harrison
  • "The Legacy of Lee Krasner" by Christopher Busa
  • "Building the Rose Dorothea" by Josephine Del Deo

Eating Away From Home

  • "Tasting Cape Cod" guide to resturants
  • "Cannibals" fiction by Charlotte Kirsch Jerace

For the First Time

  • "The Bear & the Two Lovely Children" children's story by Tessa Rudd
  • "The Last Word" acrostic by E J Kahn Jr
  • "Credits" who, where, when